My name is Ricardo Newbery. I'm a software engineer, teacher and author with a deep background in Python-based solutions and a strong proficiency across a wide range of non-Python technologies. Welcome to my website, wherein I get to brag about what I'm doing while experimenting with some of the tools I use professionally.

I've worn many hats:

  • principal software engineer for Vectra AI
  • senior software engineer for Quantopian
  • director of engineering for Liwwa.com
  • vp of web engineering for e-Share / nCryptedCloud
  • software architect for Ruelala.com
  • senior software engineer for Cambridge Interactive Development Corporation
  • founder and cto for Digital Visions
  • contributor to the Plone CMS project
  • co-author of a best selling manual for Plone
  • release manager for multiple open source projects
  • consultant to over 30 companies and organizations

Way back in ancient history, I was even a physics researcher, a college instructor, a progressive political activist, and a community organizer.

I still have a bit of that save-the-world spirit left in me so feel free to tempt me with a chance to contribute to a worthy cause, or even just some crass promises of fame and fortune. I'm a good listener :)

Maybe one of these days I'll actually put a blog up here...